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How To Control
German Roaches
German Roaches are the most widespread and difficult cockroaches to control.
Inside a home, German roaches can quickly reach infestation sizes if gone untreated
or if they are treated improperly.

What is a German cockroach?

The German cockroach (blattella germanica), is a small brownish roach about ½" to
5/8" inches long and can be identified by the two dark longitudinal lines running on
the top of the pronotum or first body segment behind the head. The German roach
can only survive indoors, so it must be introduced into the structure usually from
purchasing used electrical appliances that are infested or bringing them home from a
grocery store. The female German roach only needs to mate once in her lifetime,
which can be up to a year. After she mates, she will produce an egg sack (Ootheca),
and carry the egg capsule until the day it is ready to hatch, increasing the success
of the young. The egg capsule will normally hatch in about 28 days, producing up to
48 offspring, half of them male and the other half female. This species of cockroach
is also known to carry many germs that may cause gastrointestinal problems or food
poisoning. It is important that you wash off kitchen utensils before each use. I would
also recommend replacing your toothbrushes if they have been left out all night as
this roach will chew on anything with a starch base, like wall paper glue and yes
even your toothbrush bristles at night while your sleeping. (gross… yes I know).

Do it yourself German roach control

A German roach infestation will usually begin from within a kitchen, after a used
appliance has been introduced into the home. The first thing most people do after
seeing these roaches is panic and reach for the bug spray. This is the worst thing
you could possibly do. Most pest control sprays contain products that will leave a
residual that will last for at least a few days. These products will kill roaches that you
spray directly on however the roaches will not touch the product as long as they can
smell it. This gives the homeowner a false sense that the product is working correctly
because they won't see any or very few roaches for a couple of days. What inevitably
takes place is every few days the homeowner will spray more and more and more…
The reality is that the roaches are actually being spread throughout the house.
Usually the next room to see a problem will be the bathrooms, due to a good water
source and eventually you will end up seeing them throughout the entire home. If this
has already happened to you, don't worry you can still get them under control, it's
going to take a little longer and will mean a little more work on your part.

How to treat for German roaches

The first step is getting rid of all those old sprays you've already used. You are not
going to need them for this pest.
Start by eliminating the paths that the roaches are using to move around your
house. German roaches will get inside your wall voids and travel along the electrical
wires, moving from room to room. This also may pose a problem as this species has
been know to chew the insulation off of wires, ruining electrical appliances or in this
case your home. Wall voids may be treated by removing all of your electrical and
light switch cover plates. You may then make a small hole through the sheet-rock so
you can place dust inside your wall. The hole should be made in such a way as
when you place the cover plate back on, you will not be able to see the hole. Be
careful of electric shock if you are using a metal screwdriver to make this hole. For
this product, I would recommend using
Delta Dust as well as a Hand Duster. The
hand duster is a great tool which will allow you to apply just the right amount of
product in the hole. If you put too much dust in a location it will act as a repellant and
the roaches will simply just go around the treated area.
The next step is applying baits. Before you do this, you will need to make sure that
any areas that you applied sprays to get completely cleaned, using a mild cleaner.
Applying roach baits to contaminated surfaces will not work. The main areas of the
home that you will need to inspect and treat are as follows: Pull out the refrigerator
and inspect under and behind. Remove all kitchen drawers and pay particular
attention to the underside area. You will need to put your head under your sink and
look backward toward the front of the cabinet. Inspect and treat the areas where your
cabinets join each other and the wall and inspect all door hinges. Look behind all
picture frames and hanging ornaments. Inspect all electrical appliances. Roaches are
not social insects however they form aggregates, where they will gather together for
mating. This is what your looking for. The best gel baits that are on the market are
Maxforce and for severe infestations I would recommend Maxforce Magnum. We
also sell a
German Roach Kit which is ideal for an infestation or treatment.
After 7 to 10 days from your initial treatment, you will need to re-inspect areas that
you are still noticing roaches. Pay attention to where small babies are roaming. You
will not eliminate the entire problem overnight as the males of this species may go an
entire month without eating. Make sure that pet food is kept up at night and all spills
are immediately cleaned. Because you are using a bait it is also just as important
not to leave competing food sources out. Wash dishes after using, keep your trash
can outside, keep open food stuffs in plastic containers and keep your kitchen area

How to Control German Roaches
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